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Growing houseplants and flowering tropical plants can brighten our spirits and improve our indoor environment even on the coldest winter day. Today’s design trends often combine flowering, foliage, and succulent plants in the same display.

Modern, energy efficient windows have reduced the quality of light that houseplants need to grow. To combat this obstacle some plants will need to be directly in a window or supplemented with artificial light. If this does not work for your design, consider buying two of the same plant and rotating them every 3 weeks or so. Three weeks on display, then three weeks in a window and tada - a healthy thriving plant on display all the time.

Allowing your plant time to acclimate to its new environment is also important to its long term success. When introducing a new plant to your collection, monitor its moisture level for the first month and adjust your water accordingly as it adapts to the new environment. Factors like plant type, light levels, air movement, humidity, and air temperature can all affect how often and how much you will need to water.

We receive fresh houseplant deliveries will begin arriving weekly starting January 8th. We're ready to help you select plants that will perform their best even in minimal or reduced light conditions, so stop by soon to see what’s new!

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