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Hyacinth Bulbs | Plant Kingdom
Hyacinth Bulbs

The Beauty of Bulbs

Planting spring flowering bulbs is an easy way to add color to the early spring garden, but don’t wait until then. Bulb planting season begins in mid to late September and continues through early December. Stop by soon and handpick your favorites from our great collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus, alliums, and more. Be prepared and shop early while the selection is at its best. Once the bulbs are planted, pansies can be added above to enhance the beauty of the area during the fall and winter months.

Click here for a step by step bulb planting guide and expert recommendations.

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Just for You!

Fall is here and we have everything you need to freshen your garden for the season: Mums, Ornamental Kale & Cabbage, Pumpkins, Gourds, Pansies, Spring Flowering Bulbs, and more! Stop in soon to see what new hardy trees and shrubs we have in stock and ask us about our professional tree installation program.

Shop Local, Buy Local

All of our pumpkins were locally grown in Central Kentucky and Evansville, IN. We also have artificial pumpkins, handmade bows, whimsical yard art, and much more to accent your home for fall. Stop in soon and check out all of these Boo-tiful decorations.

Fall Celebration Sale

Save 25% on all houseplants, containers, and fountains now through 19th. We also have a nice selection of clearance plants, containers, and garden accessories 50-75% off. See store for details.

Overwintering Houseplants & Tropicals

At The Plant Kingdom, we have all the supplies to make this transition successful- saucers, cork mats, plant caddies, and more! Check out our Guide to Overwintering Houseplants & Tropicals for all of the information you will need to make this transition successful. As always, keep an eye on temperatures in your area. When temperatures start falling into the 40s it’s time to start the process of bringing in houseplants. Rather than immediately whisking everything inside, we want to work with the natural cycles of the plants and gradually acclimate them to the dormant season indoors. Light levels have already begun decreasing, thus signaling the plants to slow their growth. Leaving them out to adjust to cooler day and night temperatures will also help the process. Lots of tropical plants live in climates where the ‘winter’ season gets in the 40s, so many plants can handle the cooler weather. Any plant that is currently flowering will be most susceptible to the cold, so start with the most sensitive plants first bringing them in on nights where the temperatures will fall into the 40s. Birds of Paradise, many in the Ficus family, citrus, and Schefflera are just a few examples of cool weather tolerant houseplants. Giving the plants time in the cooler temperatures will also decrease insect populations and keep diseases from spreading. Overall overwintering houseplants and tropicals indoors requires only what they need to survive until they go back outside next spring:water and humidity, light and cleanliness, time to rest, and free from disease and insects.When in doubt give us a call or stop by and we will help you make the best decision for your plant’s specific needs.


Watering needs remain critical as we head into fall. Newly installed plants as well as established plants need your help to survive this drought. Please review our Watering Tips for advice on how much and how often to water. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or stop in.

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