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Cicada Specimen

Cicadas: Nuisance or Phenomenon?

A cicada is a relatively large insect with prominent, wide set eyes and short antennae. The annual cicada emerges every year without much fanfare. The phenomenon of the 17-year cicada, which spends 17 years in the ground feeding on the juice of tree roots, is due to occur in our area this year. You can differentiate the 17-year cicada from the annual cicada by their beady red eyes and orange veined wings.

It is hard to predict exactly when this will happen. It is typically anytime between mid-May and late June, but with the warmer temperatures we are experiencing in March and April this year, it could be sooner.

When they are ready, the cicadas will emerge by the trillions, seemingly all at once, leaving dime-shaped holes in the ground. You will start to notice these holes, but still barely hear a sound until their wings expand and they take flight. Once their wings are developed, male cicadas will head straight for the tops of trees and begin their very loud mating call.

For four to six weeks, these insects will be cursed as a nuisance as they precariously fly around appearing to be drunk. Once the male and female mate, the female uses her sharp saw-like apparatus, called an ovipositor, to cut slits in the ends of tree branches to lay eggs in. The branches or branch tips containing the eggs will then fall to the ground and the nymphs emerge and burrow into the ground, starting their 17-year journey.

There will be no damage caused to annuals, perennials, tropicals, vegetables, herbs, etc and they are not harmful to animals or humans. The damage is caused to small branches on young trees, especially young oaks and fruit trees, by the female laying their eggs. The best defense for homeowners is to protect those plants that are most likely to suffer from the damage the females will cause. To learn more about the 17-year cicada and how you can protect your young trees, check out our Monthly Tip & Contest Page. While you’re there you can also enter to win a $25 Plant Kingdom Gift Card.

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In 2020, as people were confined to their homes due to the pandemic, the demand for ornamental trees and shrubs, houseplants, and gardening supplies increased dramatically.
At The Plant Kingdom, we source quality plants and materials from suppliers all over the country. Unfortunately, these nurseries and hardgood vendors have not been able to keep up with demand. Due to many factors out of our control, including shipping and transportation delays, we are experiencing shortages in all of the product lines we carry - plants, mulch, pots, tools, etc. Because of this we would recommend that if you see a plant or an item you like, buy it! It may not be available tomorrow. It could also be beneficial to be flexible if a particular variety of plant you’re looking for isn’t available and be willing to accept substitutions. We are doing our very best to keep The Plant Kingdom fully stocked with all of your favorite items, but we ask for your patience as we continue to make our way through this challenging season.

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