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Perennial Gardening Month

June is Perennial Gardening Month. Perennials are plants that persist for many growing seasons adding color, contrast, and interest to the garden. They generally have to be cut back each winter returning to grow and flower again the following year. You can create long lasting combinations by planting in groups or masses. Have intense sun or deep shade? No problem, we have a wide variety of perennials for every location. There are so many appropriate and exciting choices. Plant and enjoy.

Many perennial flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Summer provides the perfect environment to produce lots of nectar rich flowers to feed our winged friends. For more information on attracting butterflies to your garden, visit our Monthly Tip & Contest page. While you’re there you can also enter to win $25 Plant Kingdom Gift Card.


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Just for You!

Summer is officially here and as usual we won’t let the hot, humid weather slow us down at The Plant Kingdom. Annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, & houseplants will continue to arrive throughout the summer.

Summer Celebration Sale

June 15th - 24th
25% off perennials PLUS 50-75% off all clearance items including all veggie and herb plants! See store for details. Check back throughout the month for even more summer specials.

Summer Arrival Calendar

Houseplants & Summer Tropicals
fresh deliveries arrive weekly
Summer Annuals
fresh deliveries arrive weekly while supplies last
arrive weekly throughout June
Hardy Trees & Shrubs
we will continue to receive smaller shipments throughout summer

*During the summer months availability of hardy plants becomes somewhat limited as growers have sold out of their spring stock and are waiting to release their fall availability.

The Summer Planting Season

Summer is still an excellent time to plant, keeping in mind one big question – will you be able to water? While we may physically be uncomfortable due to the heat, the plants don’t care. We are very conscious of our climate and will provide you with the best advice and selections for our northern winters and southern summers. Check out our Watering Tips for advice on how to keep your newly planted landscape happy and healthy all summer long.