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It's Tree Planting Season

Fall is an excellent time to plant new trees. Trees planted in fall require much less initial care than those planted in spring and summer. Normal fall and winter precipitation minimize your watering responsibilities. During this season plant roots can grow and develop with minimal transpiration, reducing transplant shock/stress.

Louisville’s tree canopy needs you! Join us in partnership with Operation Brightside to expand our local tree canopy and learn about all the environmental, social, and economic benefits they will bring to our community. Between October 26th and November 9th we will donate 20% of the cost of any tree you purchase to Operation Brightside. Stop in soon to see what new trees have arrived and ask us about our year-round tree installation program. Our expert Landscape Team will be planting well into December and as weather permits thereafter, so there is still plenty of time to plant new trees in 2016.

For more information about why fall is the best time to plant trees visit out Monthly Tip & Contest page. While you’re there, enter to win $50 off any full price in stock deciduous tree.


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Fall Celebration Sale

Save 30% on all houseplants and pottery now through October 31st. Clearance containers and garden accessories are now 75% off. See store for details.

Overwintering Houseplants & Tropicals

At The Plant Kingdom, we have all the supplies to make this transition successful- saucers, cork mats, plant caddies, grow lights, and more! Check out our our Guide to Overwintering Houseplants & Tropicals for all the information you will need to make this transition successful. As always, keep an eye on temperatures in your area. Many plants can handle overnight temperatures in to the 40s and benefit from the fluctuation of warm days to cooler nights; however, some plants are very sensitive and need protection. When in doubt give us a call or stop by and we will help you make the best decision for your plant’s specific needs.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Plant spring flowering bulbs now. Bulb planting season begins mid to late September and continues through early December. Stop by today and handpick your favorites from our great collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus, alliums, and more. Be prepared and shop early while the selection is at its best. For more information about planting bulbs check out our Bulb Planting Guide.

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