Bulb Planting Guide

Planting spring flowering bulbs is an easy way to add color to the early spring garden, but don’t wait until then. Bulb planting season begins mid September and continues through early December. Just follow these simple steps to create a beautiful display of blooms next spring:

#1 Stop by The Plant Kingdom to select your bulbs early while the selection is at its best. When selecting bulbs, keep in mind color, bloom time, and space. If you have deer problems in your yard, check out our selection of deer resistant bulbs or consistently use liquid or granular repellents. Rotating liquid or granular repellents with different active ingredients will help you be most effective in keeping the deer out.

#2 Prepare your planting area- remove weeds and cultivate the soil. Bulbs thrive best in prepared areas with well-draining soil.

#3 A bulb appropriate fertilizer can be added to the area per packaged directions at the time of planting.

#4 Plant each blub 2-3 times deeper than the height of the bulb and rake the area smooth. Consider critter deterrents if necessary.

#5 Add 2-3inches of mulch over the area where the bulbs are planted, as with any landscaping.

#6 Lastly, water the area if rain is not in the near future.


Planting the area above the bulbs, especially tulips, with bright and fun cool season pansies will add additional impact to the area for the fall and winter months.

Photograph your spring bulbs when in flower to record their location for adding new bulbs in the fall. It is easy to forget exactly where they are planted when they are dormant.

Bulbs are the prettiest when planted in groups- groups of 7 or more look best. Groups can be large or small depending on space and budget.

Using a bulb appropriate fertilizer at planting is essential for good root development and bulb establishment. Bulbs should also be fertilized before new growth begins in spring or just as the new growth is emerging out of the ground. We highly suggest not fertilizing after the bulbs have emerged more than 3 inches out of the ground because fertilizer can get caught in the foliage, potentially damaging the developing flowers.

As reward for your hard work, you will be able to enjoy the first signs of spring when your bulbs to emerge from your garden in 2020.

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