The Multi-Purpose Winter Garden

When designing or renovating your garden consider incorporating winter savvy plants whose cuttings make beautiful holiday decorations. A few of our favorites include:

Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood for their long, colorful stems.

Nandina for its beautiful cluster of red berries.

Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ because it is a small size and amazing dark green, glossy leaves.

Deciduous Holly (Winterberry) for its winter stems covered in showy red, orange, or yellow fruit.

These plants make excellent additions to the garden, respond well to light pruning in November and December, and provide you with your own source of fresh cut holiday greens. Stop by today and let us help you choose a multi-purpose plant to brighten your winter garden.

It’s not too late, peak planting season runs well into December. Now is a great time to plant spring flowering bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, as well as most hardy trees and shrubs. Late fall and winter is also a great time to complete many maintenance activities in the garden- mulching, fertilizing, and select pruning. Check out our Tips & Tidbits section for advice on all of these topics.

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