Monthly Tip

New Arrivals

Houseplants & Tropicals
fresh deliveries arriving weekly

Garden Seeds & Supplies
have arrived - shop in-store or online at Plant Kingdom Shop

Pots & Garden Supplies
the next shipment will arrive in early March - check out our current selection in-store or online at Plant Kingdom Shop

Spring Crops
including pansies, spring annuals, seed potatoes, onion sets, and vegetable transplants have started to arrive and will continue through early to mid-April

Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials
first shipment - early/mid-March

Bonsai Trees
first shipment - mid to late March

Summer Crops
including summer annuals, vegetable and herb transplants, and seasonal tropicals, first shipment - mid to late April

Water Plants
first shipment - early to mid-May

will begin Monday, March 20th. Happy (almost) Sring!

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