Heat & Drought Tolerant Plants

The heat of summer has finally arrived, which means some plants may begin to excel while others start to show signs of heat stress. Every plant will react differently to extreme or extended heat, particularly if coupled with extreme dryness. To keep the garden looking lush and colorful, check out our list of plants that we know will tolerate summer’s heat and drought with ease:

Heat & Drought Tolerant Plants PDF

Performing routine maintenance tasks in the garden will also help keep your plants looking healthy and highly productive during the hot summer months. Help yourself by making a to do list, which could include- fertilizing summer annuals and vegetable crops, deadheading perennials, pruning evergreens, managing weeds, mulching, and regular watering. .

If you planted any new landscape plants this spring or summer make sure to review our Watering Instructions to ensure proper root and plant growth. Using appropriate watering tools can also help ease the pressure when dry weather hits. At The Plant Kingdom, we carry a wide range of watering tools to assist you in getting water where it needs to be. Stop in and our team will help you select one or more depending on what, where, and how much needs to be watered.

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